There’s an exciting new development in our journey!

We’ve joined the great crew at Phoenix Labs on their quest to bring players together through deep multiplayer games. 

GridLight: Hello World will continue to be available in support of Hour of Code. With our development efforts now focused on Phoenix Labs, ongoing work on the full GridLight game is in hibernation.

This all started when we tried to find a game that would get our kids interested in coding.

With technology transforming every industry, cultivating a passion for computer science is increasingly critical in today’s world.

We looked to games for the answer. As lifelong gamers and long-time game developers, we’ve seen the transformative power games can have. To spark interest through fun. To build deep, meaningful connections. To grow engagement into passion.

We tried existing options, but they didn’t win us over.

It seemed simple: find a game that’s effective and approachable at introducing coding concepts, fun enough that our kids would want to keep playing it on their own, and designed to be safe and secure so we don’t have to worry.

We tried countless options. But our kids would spend an hour here or there...and still opt to play a “real game” instead.

That’s when we realized what’s missing from “education games” — the “game” part. The deep, engaging, repeatable fun part that makes a game great, and keeps players coming back for years.

That’s why we focused on making it a great game first.

Great games spark passion and long-term engagement. Building a passion for code is the most critical first step.

When you don’t know yet if you’re interested in computer science, writing lines of code can feel like just another piece of homework. But once you know that computer science is your passion, then every line of code is a meaningful step in your journey toward pursuing that passion.

We handpicked a veteran team to pursue this mission — to build this for our kids and yours.

We’ve worked on some of the biggest games in the world together. Games like League of Legends and Plants vs. Zombies 2, that are played by hundreds of millions of players, over the course of many years. We brought our collective experience in creating deep, enriching game systems to a mission that we believe deeply in as parents and as gamers.